Ezinge is a small village north of Groningen. The church of Ezinge stands on what in Dutch is called a terp, a man mad hillock in the past used to have raised grounds in case of flooding. This is an often photographed view I had in mind to capture on a winters day. This weak the weather was unstable with sun, clouds and snow changing during the day, sometimes leading to great skies. Looking at the wether forecast and the sky, this evening should work. When I arrived it was snowing, so just sit in the car and wait using smartphone technology by looking at radar images of clouds and precipitation. After a short hour a gap in the clouds was forecasted. Just before sunset, so game on.

My choice to be there in the evening was on purpose. At this moment from the viewpoint I chose, the sun would be behind me and I hoped this would light the church. But not everything came together. There was no direct sunlight, however the sun gave a beautiful orange glow on the approaching clouds. Not as I intended to be, but just as perfect. As much as you would prepare for a should, the weather and the light to some point always do as they like. To my opinion that is one of the attractive part of landscape photography.

The viewpoint chosen for the composition was on a rural path leading to the church. Along the path was a fence. Both creating a nice lead-in line to create depth. The water to the righthand site would give a nice reflection. After taking some exposures and trying some different compositions the light disappeared and it started snowing again. The plan as I had intended worked out perfectly. Time to wrap up and go seek some warmth.